Annikki Hagros-Koski – a pioneer in the field of hair

Annikki Hagros-Koski studied at the University of Helsinki. She has a (BSc) Bachelor of Science degree and graduated in 1970.

Her career in the hair industry began in 1971 when she founded Salon Alexandra in downtown Helsinki. Salon Alexandra had the largest and the best range of products in Finland and employed over 30 hairdressers. She also established Parturi Alex in Forum’s Yrjö corridor. Pikku Alexia (Little Alex) was later established in connection with Salon Alexandra. Hagros-Koski had made a full-service hair empire for women, men and children.

Annikki Hagros-Koski became interested in the field of hair loss, because she was suffering from it. She proceeded to travel around the world in search of solutions for her hair loss. She could not find help for her hair loss; doctors and hair specialists alike were stumped. As a result of this lack of knowledge about hair loss, she founded Hair Academy.

annikki smallSince 1985, she has studied hair roots with a medical microscope to identify the various causes of hair loss. She has developed methods to help treat hair and scalp problems. She has also been assisted in extensive studies by doctors, chemists and nutritionists.

Today, Annikki Hagros-Koski is a popular educator and lecturer. She has translated the book 'Beautiful Hair' (WSOY) from English to Finnish and is the author of two textbooks in the hair industry. She has also written numerous articles and has served for more than 10 years as a Pinni magazine columnist. Pinni is a leading hair industry professional’s magazine in Finland.

The high point of her career was in 2004 when she received the highly respected "Hair Industry’s Oscar” in London for SALON ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEARin the multi-unit category at the 2004 Global Salon Business Awards competition.

Annikki Hagros-Koski has been granted the Finnish Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneurial Diamond Cross for 40 years as an entrepreneur on 08/11/2013.

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Hair Academy is an expert in hair loss and scalp problems. We have studied hair loss with a medical grade microscope since 1985.
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