Hair Loss

hiustenlahto sivutHair loss is generally the result of many different factors. It is important to know that hair loss is not just a question of esthetics but one of your overall health. Your health and vitamin deficiencies show through your hair. We are able to help about 90% of our clients if they follow our advice.

Hair grows in a cycle ranging from 2-6 years. On average, 50-100 individual hairs die everyday. New hair grows in their place when everything is working properly.

Hair loss means, a hair moves into a sleep cycle too early and drops out before it is fully grown. Too much hair loss happens when more hair dies than begins to grow back. This means the crown of the head starts to thin.

A new hair follicle occurs in the same place, regardless of age, as long as the hair bulb (hair mother) is alive. Growth occurs however, at the end of the growth cycle.

Reasons for hair loss are always individual which is why it is important to find out why the hair loss is occurring. That way you receive personalized treatment and directions for care. By following our instructions, you can insure yourself with a better future for your new hair and stop hair from dying before its cycle is through.

We figure out the reason(s) for your hair loss by examining the hair roots with a medical microscope. The hair researcher will then direct you, if necessary, to a doctor, nurse, nutritionist or hair care specialist. You will also receive personalized home-care instructions for your hair.

Do you suffer from hair loss? Then, book a time for a hair root analysis today.

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How to prepare for a hair root analysis.






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