talipunkkiDemodex are arthropods of the arachnid fauna. They are transparent, invisible to the eyes, 8-legged parasites. It can only be seen by microscopic examination.

Two types of demodex live on humans:
Demodex folliculorum is on average 0.4 mm long and Demodex brevis is about 0.1 mm long. Demodex can live in aerobic and anaerobic environments for some time. Demodex feeds on the skin’s epithelial tissue and sebaceous gland secretion. They have no rectum and thus, they vomit their food. Demodex mate, unlike bacteria which multiply by division. Demodex may spread bacteria.

Demodex have four stages of growth:
  • Egg
  • Larva (1st caterpillar stage)
  • Nymph (2nd caterpillar stage)
  • Adult (male and female)

Demodex live in the hair follicle and are harmful to the hair for different reasons:

  • Hair feeds on sebum, as does the Demodex. The bulb of the hair is left without nourishment.
  • Bacteria spread by Demodex inflame the scalp and results in a loss of hair.

Demodex do not eat hair or suck blood. Demodex should always be removed because they provide no benefit and only harm the scalp.

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